The first and most crucial step in transforming your relationship into a tantric relationship is to make two clear inner commitments: 

The commitment to live with an open heart


The commitment to dedicate your partnership to evolution, awakening, & love.


It’s super important for you to be clear as to why you want to embark on this tantric journey with your beloved. This why or inner aspiration is what will propel you forward when things get challenging or when old patterns are trying to creep their way back into your relating dynamic.


A tantric relationship is not about being all “love and light” or outwardly spiritual. It doesn’t matter how you dress, if you light incense every day, or if you greet each other saying “namaste”.


A tantric relationship is about how you treat your partner in everyday life.


It’s about how you react when shit hits the fan and you get triggered.

It’s about how honestly you take responsibility for your emotions.

It’s about how consciously you communicate your frustrations.

It’s about how often you’re willing to fully show up in your vulnerability.

It’s about how you passionate you are about inspiring each other to go deeper into the Heart of God.



A tantric relationship will give you spiritual lessons no yoga class can give you.

I promise you that.



This ain’t no hollywood type of romance. This is deep. This is raw. This is real.

This is absolutely f*cking transformative in the best sense possible. But…. It ain’t easy.


It requires constant practice.

It requires love & awareness.

It requires devotion & dedication.


A tantric relationship is an intimate partnership in which you become conscious of the way you make love and the way you use your sexual energy.

It’s a relationship in which both partners spend time mastering and harnessing their sexual energy and use it as a fuel for their spiritual path.

It’s a relationship that acknowledges the sacredness of sexuality & the power of ritual.


A tantric relationship is not about becoming co-dependent.


It’s about each individual courageously *choosing* to go deeper into the Self.

To enquire.

To meditate.

To become whole and free within themselves.

To connect with the infinite power and mystery of their Hearts.

&  from that place, to come together:


Two beings, rooted in the Self, so madly in love, and connected by sublime spiritual desires and aspirations…. A powerful force that is an unstoppable vehicle for transformation.


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